Legacy Partner

Funding a ministry is challenging and at times distracts from fulfilling God’s purpose and calling. Please know that while we welcome any gift, it is the recurring monthly stewardship (Legacy Partners) that builds strength into this ministry and provides more blessing for your giving dollar through efficiency, reliability, effective planning and use of resources. All donations are tax deductible.

Advantages of Electronic Monthly Giving…

– Reduces fundraising costs and time.           – Frees staff to minister, not fundraising.
– Planning becomes more effective.               – Facilitates expansion of the ministry.
– Funding remains solid.                                   – Relieves Legacy Partners of remembering to contribute.

Simply click the “Give Now” button and a pop up window will appear. At the bottom of the form you can select whether to donate by credit card or checking account. Your information is safe and secure. Thank you in advance for your gift and commitment to our mission.