Christian Preschools

If we’re going to have an impact on future generations it must begin in the early years of life. Studies have demonstrated the following:

  • The most important growth and development in the brain happens by the age of five.
  • The early years are the learning years. A child’s ability to be attentive and to follow directions emerges in the early years. Structured early learning fosters these abilities for later success in school and in life.
  • Pre-K prepares children to be ready for school. Children who participate in high-quality early childhood education programs develop better language skills, score higher in school-readiness tests and have better social skills and fewer behavioral problems once they enter school. They are also better prepared for Kindergarten, especially in the areas of pre-reading, pre-math and social skills.
  • Pre-K promotes a love of learning in children. Pre-K enhances what a child learns at home and instills a love of life-long learning.

We believe with great conviction that family is the center and beginning of everyone’s emotional, physical, spiritual and behavioral being. At Seventh Generation Christian Academy we see our role as assisting families, not replacing them. With parental assistance, our philosophy of education is to provide children with a broad range of learning experiences that meet their developmental needs and promote a healthy view of themselves and the world in which they live.

We provide a classical form of education and the Bible is integrated into the curriculum. Children not only learn about plants and animals, but that God created them. They also learn the initial concepts of Jesus’ love for them and that He is always with them.

We also believe that every child is a unique individual and we are committed to promoting each child’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual development. New concepts are introduced to each class with the realization that our students are all unique and mature differently. During our “Center Time” activity we cater to these small differences while reviewing concepts introduced through our curriculum. Our learning program is developmentally appropriate and fun.

If we’re going to truly impact future generations we must provide a clear pathway by which children can continue their classical education. When children graduate our preschool we offer parents an opportunity to enroll their children in a charter school that will classically educate them from elementary age through through their high school years, Seventh Generation Classical Academy.