I’m happy to announce that the charter school application for our Mandarin property has been filed. I wish to begin by thanking Paula Zumot for proof reading and adding revisions to the application. I also wish to thank School Financial Services and their team that handled the financial sections of the application. And finally I wish to thank Diane Hutchings of St. Johns Classical Academy in Orange Park, FL for her guidance and consultation. There are others who have given advice and direction and I wish to thank God for opening those doors to individuals who truly have a heart for helping children and advancing the charter school system.

The importance of charter schools is that they offer families a choice in public education. We are providing families an opportunity to have their children educated at a Classical school. Not only are we going to teach children literacy, math and science, but the importance of civic responsibility and moral virtues.

The writing process was definitely an experience as the final charter application consisted of 371 pages, much of which was written in a 6 week period. We got the application to the Duval County School Board on July 31, 2018. The approval process takes approximately 90 days and final approval is given by the Duval County School Board.

On Sunday, June 24, 2018 I placed the charter application in the offering basket at church as a demonstration of our dependence on God and also as a reminder that all worthwhile works are His, not ours.