Two parts of our three part strategy to enact positive change in our culture is the establishment of new Christian preschools and advancing church growth through planting and revitalization. A third part of our strategy is to open new charter schools with a classical structure of education. However, many people are unaware of what a charter school is and/or confused as to the differences between charter, private and public schools.

Historically, education in the United States has been divided between public and private schools. Public education typically being those schools that are governed by local, state and federal authorities with tuition being paid through taxed funds. Private education are those schools that are governed by religious, nonprofit and profit organizations with tuition being paid by the families whose children are enrolled.

In 1991 this dynamic changed when Minnesota passed the first law establishing charter schools in the state. The charter school phenomenon has spread through the U.S. at a rapid pace. With this swift growth there is still confusion and people are still asking, “What is a charter school?”

First, charter schools offer K-12 education.

Second, charter school tuition is funded with tax dollars – that is – your money. For too long families have been taxed to pay for schools in a system which offers them little choice. Now, parents have a choice.

Third, charter schools are generally subject to fewer rules and regulations than traditional public schools. This allows them to institute curriculums that are more effective than that of public schools.

Fourth, though charter schools have fewer rules than their public school counterparts, students typically take the same state standardized tests.

Fifth, depending upon state law, charter schools can be started by non-profit organizations, parents, teachers and governmental organizations.

Sixth, charter schools may focus on specific subjects such as science or math. They can also focus on alternative learning methods.

How effective are charter schools? According to a 2015 Stanford study, charter schools provide significantly higher levels of growth in math and reading for all students. The study also found that minority and low income students benefit disproportionally more.

As charter schools become a bigger part of the U.S. education system we plan on taking advantage of this trend to affect positive change in our culture. Furthermore, we are offering millions of American families much-needed choice in selecting which school to educate their children without burdening them with the cost associated with a private education.

We at SGI are going to establish charter schools under the name, Seventh Generation Classical Academy. Allow me to share our Mission Statement…

The mission of Seventh Generation Classical Academy (SGCA) is to create an educational experience in the classical tradition that joins instruction in principles of moral character and civic virtues along with a rigorous academic program. The goal is to inculcate a strong sense of virtuous character within every student therefore enabling them to utilize their new found knowledge as purposeful and responsible citizens.

Furthermore, it is our desire to see each of our students become exemplary communicators with the ability to participate in local issues while exemplifying intercultural understanding and respect in a rapidly globalizing world. SGCA will provide students with the opportunity to control their futures by thriving academically despite inherent life challenges they will endure.

We are looking to open our first school in 2019 in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville, FL.

This is a huge undertaking and I ask that you become a Legacy Partner by giving financially to this endeavor. Click the Legacy Partner button below. No gift is too small and the consistent monthly giving of our partners can move our mission forward at a greater rate, therefore benefiting future generations of Americans. SGI is a 501(c)3 organizations and all donations are tax deductible.

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