The latest test results have American high school students performing well below the mathematical literacy of their global contemporaries. Scores from the Program for International Assessment 2015 show a downward trend regarding American students.

In math among 15 year old students, American teens rank 20 points lower than the national average.

The emphasis of Common Core Standards in math is described as practical problem solving. Regardless of what it’s called, as a nation we’re now in the bottom half of 72 participating regions and countries when it comes to utilizing math practically, which is referred to as “mathematical literacy.”

Regardless of Common Core proponents attempts at propping up this failed system, the failures in mathematics due to this standard are obvious.

The federal grant program that incentivized states to adopt the Common Core standards was called “Race to the Top.”  Unfortunately American students are not winning the global race and at times it appears they’re not even in the race, falling to the bottom because of Common Core.

This is more than just embarrassing. The inability to compete academically is going to have devastating affects on our youth as they soon enter the the global economy. These scores do not indicate a slow start, but a failed system called Common Core.

What we need is a return to Classical Education, which is a teaching model that seeks to tailor the curriculum subject matter to a child’s cognitive development. It emphasizes concrete thinking and memorization in grade school; analytical thinking in middle school; and abstract thinking and articulation of the subjects in high school.

Classical Education is the only system that will enable our students to truly win the “Race to the Top!”

One of our objectives at SGI is to advance further into the field of education. Parents need a choice and we are moving to offer them that alternative they so desperately need and want. Check out our Action Plan for Classical Education.