Seventh Generation Academy (SGA) is a Christian preschool owned and operated by SGI. At the writing of this post it is summertime and the kids at SGA are having a great time at Summer Day Camp.

We know that Summer Day Camp is great for school-age kids and their families. It gives kids the opportunity to interact with friends, learn new skills, participate in off-campus adventures, and get some exercise. It cuts down on video games and television time by getting them outdoors and encouraging active play. It also helps working parents who need childcare during the summer months.

But what about Summer Day Camp for preschool age children? At SGA we take children from 6 months to Pre-K and there are several pros to consider.


First and foremost they will hear about Jesus and about His love for them. We create an environment were children “Learn, Pray & Grow.”


Summer Day Camp offers a preview of school, particularly for children who haven’t attended a preschool. If a child has spent all their preschool years at home, the transition from home-life with a parent or caretaker to the rigid structure of a classroom can be challenging. Summer Day Camp introduces kids to concepts like following a schedule, learning group rules, taking responsibility for their belongings, and getting along with other children in a group setting.


Summer camp is also great practice for kids who don’t have a lot of experience being away from home. It’s a great introduction into the preschool environment since it generally has more outdoor activities and “fun” things to do. After all, being dropped off for a day filled with fun and playmates might seem a little less threatening for kids as opposed to being thrown into the first day of school.


Camp is a great way to introduce your preschooler to new activities and skills. Many day camps include water play or swimming lessons. The picture is from one of our days at a place called Swimming Safari where they teach children how to swim and about water safety. As you can see they are having a great time.


Camp is also a great opportunity for your child to meet a new group of friends. Like school and church, camp allows children to practice the art of making friends and learning to simply get along with one another.